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Herbal Medicine


Feeling Good starts on the Inside



As an professional, elite sprinter, I knew the importance of nutrition and supplements. With the daily workouts  and breaking down my body to reach its full potential, I made sure my body had an overall well balanced nutrition plan. As a trainer, I want to make sure my clients have that same well balanced lifestyle. 

My Essential Fitness ATX methodology encourages clients to exercise without placing limitations on themselves. We learn posture & coordination, nutrition & supplementation, cardiovascular fitness, weight training, mindfulness and meditation.  ALL of these tenets are a moral imperative for one's overall wellness. 

The one tenet that I've had issue with is: supplementation. I haven't found any really worth discussing. Most supplements were/are ineffective simply because our guts are not a positive environment to accept them. UNTIL NOW! Essential Fitness ATX has joined forces with Vasayo to bring you its Liposomal Technology. 

Not only is Vasayo the missing link to my business model but its liposomal technology allows for almost complete nutritional bioavailability (absorption)!  

With this, Essential Fitness ATX can globally share this information.



Vasayo has completely changed the landscape of supplementation and nutrition with its Liposomal technology. Vasayo delivers results using our Advanced Delivery Technology, which utilizes the power of liposomes and enzymes for increased bioavailability. When we eat food or take supplements they go to the stomach, then to the intestines where acid breaks it down. It often stays there only to be excreted. However, with Liposomal technology, it actually protects the nutrients so that it can make it out of the intestine and into the blood stream and delivered to the tissues that need it most. 

Vasayo has married this Liposomal Technology with their 6 products to create a system that encourages almost complete absorption into the blood stream!  

This is unprecedented and Essential Fitness ATX is totally on-board! 

We are excited to share this with everyone who will listen! 



Vasayo's advanced delivery technologies utilize the power of liposomes and enzymes to for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption. Order your complete package now and make this a new beginning to your own personal wellness story! 

If you would like to sample one or more of the products, feel free to email or text me. The samples are free!  It'll be just the cost of shipping.

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