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es·sen·tial · /əˈsen(t)SHəl/
· absolutely necessary; extremely important.

Our mission is to bring a holistic experience that integrates training for the mind, body and spirit. With this approach customized for the unique individual, you will unlock your full potential in the gym and in life.

I decided to name the company Essential Fitness ATX because being active and having a healthy lifestyle is necessary and extremely important. Fitness & physical activity can improve your health from the inside out, along with having immediate and long term health benefits both physical and mental. AND most importantly, fitness can improve your quality of life. EFATX was founded in the beautiful city Austin, Texas which I have called home for over 13 years. 

An EFATX workout is tailored to YOU. Each private session, group class, & meditation class has a specific workout and goal. You will leave your workout with a powerful mind-body experience. 

Essential Fitness ATX is fueled by my passion and love to help others develop fitness, nutrition and mindfulness habits. If you are ready to give me 100%, then I’m ready to invest in you. 

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